What These Very Happy Customers Have To Say About LoLarm II

"That LoLarms a great piece of kit, I've relaxed loads since fitting mine and just enjoy driving!"
nicktg, 75andztclub.com


Andy is just a phone call away any problems sorted by return post." If you set the water level a bit low the alarm will go off /on as the thermostat open and closes this will give you the knowledge that it work every time. Top up and forget it. Simple to fit good instructions can not say more.
Roger, british-cars.org


"Nice bit of kit, with good instructions. Fitted and working fine. Now........to unscrew my left eyeball from temp gauge!!"
Pete C, 75andztclub.com


Just fitted the kit to my 2004TF this morning. All tested and working first time. Great addition and "peace of mind". Might be able to enjoy the scenery now instead of left eye glued to the temp guage. Many thanks.
Dave Sutcliffe


I just want to thank you very much, because your LoLarm saved my car this week. The venting plug on my MG TF broke without notice. Setting off to work one morning this week the LoLarm went off immediately. I stopped the car, pushed it back to the parking position and found the reason for the coolant loss within five minutes. A new venting plug and everything was fine again. Without LoLarm I would have hit the motorway in four minutes and a fatal engine failure would have been the end result. Thanks again!
Rainer Dahlke