Installation is simple & only takes approx. 90 minutes. No need to drain the coolant tank. Simply remove the footwell panel (two screws), fit illuminated rocker switch (20mm hole) and attach alarm unit to inner side of footwell panel (Velcro). Connect power cable to fuse box (under dash). Run sensor cable through car to coolant tank. Remove coolant tank (two 6mm bolts) and attach magnetic switch to underside (self adhesive). Connect sensor cable to magnetic switch (connector). Refit coolant tank and insert magnetic float assembly.

Turn ignition ‘on’ and using a pencil, or similar, sink the magnetic float to simulate low coolant. The alarm will sound. Over 600 Lolarm IIs are now installed in ‘F’s, ‘TF’s & ‘ZR’s . As part of an ongoing reliability programme over 60 owners regularly test their Lolarm IIs and feed the result back to me – to date no problems have been reported.

Lolarm Installation