Your Engine Could Fail due to Coolant Loss...

“.... The All New LOLARM II is the Solution!”

LoLarm II Will Let You Know When Your Coolant is Low

And Save Your Engine from Irrepairable Damage



Lolarm II is a NEW DESIGN, INTRODUCED in 2010

A brass tank adaptor replaces the original plastic tank adaptor. A new moulded floating magnet assembly switches an under-tank magnetic switch to sound an alarm if the coolant level drops by 20%. It's that simple!


RE: MGF/TF Head Gasket Failure (HGF)

MG ’F’s & ‘TF’s are fun to drive, but u nfortunately due to inevitable head gasket failure (HGF) the pleasure is blighted by the fear of expensive engine repairs. It's a known fact that this engine (K series engine) does suffer HGF. However, it is in fact, undetected coolant loss that causes major engine damage and coolant loss can be caused by any failure in the cooling system. Lolarm II is the solution, it will alert you if your coolant tank level drops by just 20% prompting you to take appropriate action.


Driving your car with significant coolant loss will cause your engine terminal damage, often requiring a replacement engine. This will cost in excess of £2500 and invariably more than the value of the car.


In contrast simply replacing the head gasket will cost under £400, repairing leaks in the coolant system will cost considerably less.


Introduction to LoLarm II

(LoLarm II comes with detailed fitting instructions & helpline)

LoLarm II includes a green illuminated switch and control unit installed in the footwell panel and a coolant level monitoring system installed in the coolant tank (see below). Turn the ignition 'ON' & the green switch illuminates indicating that Lolarm II is enabled & monitoring your coolant level. If the coolant level drops by just 20% the magnetic switch detects the drop & sounds an audible alarm.


Installation is simple and takes about 90 minutes. Turn ignition ‘on’ and using a pencil, or similar, sink the magnetic float to simulate low coolant. The alarm will sound. Lolarm II comes with a 5 year guarantee, over 300 are now installed. 


Lolarm Component Diagram                                           


Installs in just 90 minutes


LoLarm II is the solution to your low coolant problems. Buy it, fit it and eliminate the problem of engine failure due to low coolant for just £62.50 plus £5.00 post and packaging*.


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Andy Capy

Andy Capy

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